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06 Jul 2019 SepticFlesh, Nightstalker (Official)POEM, Acid Death, Foray Between Ocean, Enemy Of Reality Official, Automaton - Athens, Gr — Piraeus 117 Academy
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Quotes from metal bands

This release hit me like a tornado. Another really promising new band from the Hellenic Extreme Metal scene. These guys seem to know how to create something extreme and soulful at the same time. Dive into their abyss!
“Sakis” (Rotting Christ)

A blistering onslaught of dynamic riffs and unique melodies that instantly register themselves in your skull is what Foray Between Ocean’s debut “Depression Neverending” is all about. Dive in and “drown” in the waters of their vast musical ocean.
“Seth” (Septic Flesh)

The human body is said to have 206 bones … just like a musical avatar of Mike Tyson, this album breaks each and everyone of them. It might let you off the hook for just a bit with itσ melodic moments, but it then just returns to completely demolish you. The ultimate beat-down ! A total KO !
Eythimis Karadimas (Nightfall/The Slayerking)

Right from the start with this album I knew that Foray Between Ocean had written and recorded an album full of mass, power and hard hitting dynamics. Heavy and defying my most loathed term – “genre” – this record was incredibly fun to master, as I was able to leave behind the approach of a technician and actually feel the power within the music.
Brad Boatright//Audiosiege (has worked with such bands as SUNN O))), Nails, Toxic Holocaust, Pelican and others)

As Serenity Drowned

Release Date: July 6th, 2019
Format: Jewelcase CD
Label(s): Miasma Records / Vomit Your Shirt

“As Serenity Drowned” tracklisting:
1. The Prelude of Black
2. Exhumation of My Misery’s Uncorrupted Remains
3. Visions of an Epileptic Eye
4. Under a Thousand Scars
5. Glance of the Eyeless
6. Deep Inside the Void
7. Katavasis (The Fall of Man)
8. World of Flesh and Teeth
9. Where Forever Dies
10. Beyond the Sea of Absence

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