Who We Are

The story behind the formation of Foray Between Ocean isn’t that much different from countless others with Themis and John getting together back in the summer of 2014 with a view to create an extreme sounding band that would stand out a bit from what everybody else was involved with at the time. After seeking more like minded individuals to follow them on their musican journey, the band’s line up was cemented to include, John Toussas (of Narcosis) on vocals, Themis “Fad” Ioannou  (Trendy Hooliguns) on guitars along with Dion Christodoulatos (Sorrowful Angels) who is also responsible for keyboards, Elias Boozeas (Sorrowful Angels) on Bass and Kostas Milonas (Outloud, Paradox, Sunburst, Mario Frangoulis) on Drums.

Based principally on ideas that Themis had worked on but was never able to use in his previous outings and augmenting them with their own personal influences through all of the members spirited performances, Foray Between Ocean came up with eleven smashing tracks which were duly recorded at Human Sushi studios by Thermis and mixed at CFN recordings studios by Dion, that make up their debut album “Depression Neverending” to standout in a big way.

Mixing atmospheric Death Metal, with symphonic parts but keeping things raw and  interesting at the same time might be a difficult task, but is one that the band excells in. The enveloping all encompassing “post” fusion of elments is examplified by Brad Boatright’s expert mastering at Audiosiege Studios (Defeater, SUNN O))), Pelican and many others), making “Depression Neverevning” an unmisable album.

The album is expected to be released in late June worldwide by Prime Eon Media and the band is looking forward to taking their unique brand of extreme metal on the road in Greece and beyond.

Band Members


John Toussas

Lead Vocals

Themis Fad Ioannou

Lead Guitar/Rythm Guitar

Dion Christodoulatos

Lead Guitar/Synths

Kostas Milonas


Elias Boozeas